ashley and bar breakup

Teen Mom celebrities, Bar Smith and Ashley Jones, have long been the stars of their own tumultuous love story. Their relationship has seen them engaged, broken up, re-engaged, secretly married, and now, it seems, heading towards separation. Yet this time, the revelation came in the form of a now-deleted Instagram post by Bar Smith, causing fans to reel in shock and speculation.

ashley and bar breakup

The news broke on Thursday when Bar took to his Instagram account to announce his split from Ashley, months shy of their highly anticipated public wedding celebration. The couple, who had legally tied the knot back in 2021, appeared to be blissfully in love until Bar’s surprising revelation. In his post, which he removed from Instagram after roughly 40 minutes, Bar stated, “So we want to clear the air. I have had amazing times and learned so many things from Ashley… unfortunately, we have come to unforeseen issues, and people grow apart.”

Though this isn’t the first instance of a breakup between Bar and Ashley, it marks the first time either of them has released an official statement about their split. Fans will recall their initial engagement during Season 1 of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, which ended in a public and somewhat messy breakup in May 2019. Yet love appeared to have a second act for the couple, as they re-engaged in 2020, secretly marrying in 2021.

ashley and bar breakup

Over the years, their love story has played out on various shows, including Teen Mom Family Reunion and Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. Not only do they share their lives with millions of fans, but they also share a beautiful five-year-old daughter, Holly.

The duo’s decision to separate comes as a surprise, considering they had been planning a grand wedding celebration set for September 30. Ashley, in a previous conversation with People magazine, expressed her excitement about the wedding and how she envisioned it. “Now, I want something that is very intimate. Just family and friends who have poured into us over the years and have really seen our growth as a couple. I really want to share this moment with them and [let] them know that all their headaches and phone calls weren’t in vain,” she had said.

Amid the heartbreak, fans also can’t help but remember Ashley’s earlier Twitter feud with her Next Chapter co-star, Cheyenne Floyd, where Ashley proudly declared she had married her “first choice” mate. Today, the tables have seemingly turned, leading to much speculation and conjecture amongst fans about Cheyenne’s possible reaction.

This sudden announcement from Bar, coupled with both stars’ decision to delete most of their photos together from social media, seems to indicate that the couple may have been dealing with issues for some time. Ashley, who is currently based in Las Vegas for nursing school, and Bar, dealing with past legal issues in Northern California, have yet to comment on their current relationship status since Bar’s deleted statement.

While fans eagerly wait for Ashley’s response to Bar’s now-deleted announcement, it is clear that the Teen Mom universe is abuzz with curiosity and concern about what lies ahead for Bar Smith and Ashley Jones. Whether this separation will end in reconciliation, as it did before, or marks the end of their union, only time will tell.