Robert and Kristy paternity test

On the stormy seas of I Love a Mama’s Boy, the tension between Kristy, her husband Robert, and her mother-in-law Nancy has always burned hot. Fans are still furious after Robert pressured Kristy to take a paternity test to convince Nancy of his fatherhood. The online community has been ablaze with criticism, slamming Robert’s actions and his apparent dismissal of Kristy’s feelings.

📸 Instagram War: Fans, Robert, and Nancy Clash in Heated Exchange! 📸

The drama spilled over onto social media, where fans confronted Robert about his controversial behavior. One fan commented, “Your best friend needs to man up. It’s disgusting that he is making you do a test and acts so aloof about it. That child should never see her grandmother again!” Robert’s response? “Please don’t be spilling negativity on my wife’s page. It’s not cool.” This did little to quell the fan’s outrage, who fired back, “Get over yourself. Your behavior is disgusting and your mother’s behavior is inexcusable. You opened yourself up on a public platform so deal with it.”

Robert and Kristy paternity test

Nancy’s Emoji Outrage Triggers Fans! 😂😡

Adding more fuel to the fire, Nancy has been responding to the heated criticism on Kristy’s Instagram with laughing emojis – a move that fans view as dismissive and disrespectful. In contrast, Kristy has maintained her cool, not uttering a single negative word about Nancy, a stance that has earned her the respect of fans.

Robert and Kristy paternity test

Will Robert and Nancy Address the Controversy? Stay Tuned! 📺

With the drama escalating both on and off the screen, the question on everyone’s minds is – how will Robert and Nancy respond to the mounting backlash?